Keep Your Fitness Resolution with CrossFit Anaerobic

Today, January 17th marks Ditch New Year’s Resolution Day, the infamous day when many people abandon their well-intentioned new year’s resolutions. Every year, fitness and nutrition are among the most popular topics for new year’s resolutions. We talked to the coaches at Anaerobic CrossFit about how to stay motivated so you can keep your resolution to get fit and stay fit.

CrossFIt Anaerobic in Irvine/Newport
CrossFIt Anaerobic in Irvine/Newport

CrossFit Anaerobic operations manager and co-owner Saralyn had never tried CrossFit until after Anaerobic opened its doors in late 2009. She had just had her youngest child and she struggled through burpees. She had always worked out but now with CrossFit, she has become faster and stronger than ever. She says seeing CrossFit change people’s lives is exciting and inspiring and she loves the community they’ve created at Anaerobic.

Saralyn Wolf, Owner, Operations Manager and Coach of CrossFit Anaerobic
Saralyn Wolf, Owner, Operations Manager and Coach of CrossFit Anaerobic

We talked with the Manager of Anaerobic’s Irvine location, Coach Jeffrey Scott, about CrossFit. Coach Jeff says sports and fitness have played a major role in his life since a young age. He began with surfing and skating but over the years, the broken bones and skin rashes started to add up so he began to gravitate towards the weight room to get stronger. He uses fitness in many different ways including MMA to competing in weightlifting and says he sees himself lifting for the rest of his life.


Coach Jeff Scott
Coach Jeff Scott

 What advice would you have to a new client trying CrossFit for the first time?

Just commit! Carve a time to focus on yourself and do something to enhance the quality of your life! This gym will give you the fitness and health to tackle goals in your life: ie setting an example for your kids, losing weight, or PR in a 5k run, etc.

 Coach Jeff Scott

 How does it feel as a coach each time your clients reach new PRs and how does it feel when they miss a lift? 

It’s the whole reason I chose to be a professional coach, to help others achieve their goals and live a healthy and meaningful life. When my private clients or regular members hit a PR we ring a bell and high five them its a big deal and might sound cheesy to other people but its meaningful to them! 

Coach Jeff Scott

We recognized your photo as a featured athlete at the Lululemon store at South Coast Plaza. Can you tell us about this being their ambassador?   

Lululemon approached me about becoming an ambassador for the store and I was honored to say the least. The Lulu team specifically Sarah Tagge & Kelly Cook-Hermann have been amazing with pushing me to reach my goals and introducing me to remarkable individuals, coaches and instructors who make a positive change in their own communities on a daily basis. One moment I am really proud of is teaming up with Lululemon and 3 other studios on a Saturday to raise $3k for the Wades Army Charity Workout.

 What motivates you? What is your philosophy on life?

Nothing in life is supposed to be easy, everything in nature fights for food and survival except us. I try to get out my comfort zone and do something uncomfortable every week to remind me that nothing great comes without hard work and sacrifice. 


Coach Jeff's favorite quotes
Coach Jeff’s favorite quotes

New to CrossFit? CrossFit Anaerobic has an OnRamp program so you can get comfortable with CrossFit movements and terminology in a 1–on-1 or at most, 3-to-1 instruction setting.

Looking to keep your fitness resolution this year? Check out CrossFit Anaerobic to schedule your free introductory class.

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