As part of our love for community, we will often review products and events to share our opinions with our readers. They are just that — opinions.

From time to time, companies will send us products to try, free of cost.

Whenever we review or refer to a product that was provided to us, we will make it clear in the post. We will provide not only details of how we received the product, but we often link to the company itself. Our reviews are honest, and if done at the request of a company, rest assured that the compensation of cash or product does not have any bearing on the content. If we do not like a product, we will either not review it on the blog, or we will state the reasons why we don’t like it.

If we purchased the product or if no compensation was received for a post, we will not necessarily state that in the post.

From time to time, we do accept sponsored posts, for which we are paid in cash or other compensation. When we do that, we make it clear in the post.

We may also use affiliate links and banners across the website. 

This site uses selective affiliate links, which means a commission is earned if you make a purchase by clicking the link. The price you pay will be the same whether you use the affiliate link or go directly to the vendor’s website using a non-affiliate link. We appreciate your support so we can continue to bring you great content!

For disclosures outside of this website:

  • #AD or #sponsored: denotes that a brand has compensated me in some way for the post or message — in most cases, the message will be in our own words but may also include copy points from the client. This compensation may have been in cash or in product.

When we don’t use the #AD or #sponsored tags, we follow FTC guidelines by using clear language to let you know that something is sponsored.