QUIZ: How “Irvine” are you?

So you think know Irvine? Take the quiz to find out if you’re still getting to know Irvine or if you’re straight OUTTA Irvine!




How many Target stores are there currently in Irvine?
How many times have you been to the Irvine Spectrum this month?
How many photos of food have you posted on social media this week?
How many years has it been since the City of Irvine was formally incorporated?
How many of these dessert restaurants have you been to in the past month: Honey and Butter, Creamistry, Tapioca Express, or Afters.
The number of model homes or open houses you've toured in the past half a year.
How many palm trees have you seen today?
Does it confuse you when you drive on major streets in other cities and the speed limit isn't 55mph? (I'm looking at you Jamboree, Culver, Jeffrey and Sand Canyon!)
When was the last time you remember driving over a pothole in Irvine?
Which one of the following companies are NOT headquartered in Irvine?