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Irvine City Hall
Irvine City Hall


| /ˈɜːrvaɪn/ ur-vyn |

CITY: A city in Orange County, California. Incorporated in 1971.
POPULATION: 258,386 according to 2016 census.

Irvine is a planned city in Orange County. It was officially incorporated in 1971 and currently has a population of just over a quarter million people. Irvine enjoys Mediterranean climate, characterized by warm to hot summers and moderate winters. Our current mayor is Steven Choi (R), who has held his office since 2012.

Irvine contracts with the Orange County Fire Authority and Care Ambulance for fire and emergency services. Our city receives law enforcement protection by the Irvine Police Department. Every year since 2005, the FBI has rated our city as being the safest city in the United States with a population of over 100,000 people. Irvine is known for its excellent education system and abundant community and neighborhood parks.

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Montpelier, Park City, Ketchikan, and Aspen. Do you know what all of these cities have in common? Their population is smaller than the number of residents living in the community of Woodbury in Irvine!

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